Restoring the Historic Sutro Tunnel Site

Join the Sutro Tunnel Company in their journey to preserve and restore history at the Sutro Tunnel Site located in Dayton, NV

About the Sutro Tunnel



The Sutro Tunnel was envisioned and carried out by Adolph Sutro, a Prussian immigrant and entrepreneur that proposed to build a horizontal tunnel that would efficiently drain the water from the Comstock Mines and reduce transportation costs.  The tunnel was completed on July 8, 1878, nine years after construction began.  The tunnel ran 3.8 miles long between Virginia City and Dayton.  Unfortunately, the Comstock mines had declined in profitability by the time the tunnel was ready for use.  Today, the Sutro Tunnel continues to function as water still drains into the nearby pond. 

Preserving the Past


The  Sutro Tunnel Company is working to preserve this significant part of Nevada’s mining history by restoring the Sutro Tunnel Site.  The goal of the project is to not only preserve the site's historical integrity, but to also make it safe and accessible for visitors.  Phase One of the project is currently underway with the focus being on ongoing site cleanup and protecting remaining structures from further deterioration.

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There are many ways to get involved and support the Sutro Tunnel Site Restoration project!  Please feel free to contact the number below to learn how to get involved. 


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